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    A Place for the Ocean in the UNFCCC

    Working Document for Consideration of the Parties. Pre-COP Submission from Indonesia to the Chair of COP25 on the Ocean-Climate Nexus. Context: The movement to integrate ocean and climate action.

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    Incorporating The Ocean Into Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)

    This discussion paper - prepared for a workshop in Suva, Fiji in May 2019 - is meant to stimulate thinking in relation actions to mitigate climate change, improve the resilience of coastal communities and livelihoods, increase the conservation of marine ecosystems and ensure adaptation measures in the face of climate change impacts. It is an updated version of a previous Discussion Paper that was prepared prior to and discussed at the Madrid workshop in April 2019.

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    Integrating Climate Change and the Ocean: Forging a Path under the FCCC/Paris Agreement and More Broadly

    This discussion paper sets out the steps to be taken and/or supported by interested Parties to the Paris Agreement (the “Friends of the Ocean”), in concert with stakeholders.

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    Preparation for the Blue COP25 | Negotiators’ Symposium on Ocean & Climate

    In May 2019, country representatives met in Suva, Fiji to discuss the ocean-climate nexus and to consider strategies to better integrate ocean issues into the processes of the UNFCCC.

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    Proposal from Indonesia, Fiji, Costa Rica, Seychelles, Panama, and Palau to better integrate ocean-climate issues within the UNFCCC

    The Conference of the Parties, Recalling the importance of the ocean, including as an integral part of the Earth’s climate system and for both mitigation and adaptation, Noting the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, Being conscious of needing to take into account existing UNFCCC processes addressing various aspects of the ocean-climate nexus, i.e., the interface of ocean and climate issues,

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    Strategy Discussion on Establishing the Role of the Ocean in the UNFCCC

    Summary & Outcomes Friends of the Ocean and Climate. During SB50, Parties met to discuss strategies to better integrate ocean issues into the international climate effort. This meeting built on the May 2019 negotiators’ symposium in Suva, Fiji.

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